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HR is in with Natalie: Who is Generation Z?

Today we are talking about Generation Z, who are they? Everyone knows who millennials are and they have quite the reputation. However, most people don't realize millennials are reaching their 40s and often have grown kids of their own. So who is this new generation entering the workforce? Watch this episode of HR is in with Natalie to learn about them.

Our Experts

Dr. Mary Cooney of Creativia

Mary Cooney, Ph.D., spent the bulk of her career in higher education. She experienced the Millennials from the very beginning when they waltzed into her classroom and wanted to know why they needed her class. After studying the generations and many trial-and-error experiences, she found ways to connect with Millennials. Now, she takes that experience and wisdom to teach companies and organizations how to maximize and leverage their generational differences for workplace wins. She is especially excited about emerging strengths in Gen Z.

Kristen Geez of Advising Generation Z

Kristen Geez is the creator of Advising Generation Z, a non-profit social skills mentoring program that provides misguided students with safe places

to develop through programs in 11 school districts, 4 municipal courts across North Texas. AGZ is broken into two programs Lipstick Ready for ladies and Shepherds of Healing for guys. AGZ is aided by a digital series called AdvisingGenz with exercises and testimonials that help students navigate life’s difficulties. Kristen is a TEDx Speaker, Brand Ambassador for Women That Soar and Special Projects Contractor for Tarrant County Community College. Kristen holds a Bachelors in Ethical Leadership and a Masters in Education in Leadership & Development.

Do you work with Generation Z members at your workplace? What has your experience been? What advice would you give them after learning more about them?

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